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Save time on the bane of every influencer's existence:  image editing.  Our Cropd product turns any image with clothing in it into a professional stock style image in just a few simple clicks.

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All of our products enable fashion professionals with the latest in technology and modern user experiences to do their jobs.  Whether you’re a fashion influencer, a personal shopper, or personal stylist, Fitd’s products will do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on doing what you love.


Quickly and easily create outfit grids or flatlays without having to use any complicated tools.  Our Outfitd product generates outfit collages in minutes and only a few clicks.  You can get started with just URLs or image files of the items you want in your outfit, and Outfitd does the rest.

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Improve your digital interactions with your clients with our fashion collaboration  tool.  Our Persy product is a fashion collaboration app that offers customer relationship management, content creation, and communications tools.


We are proudly based in our nation's capital Washington, DC. We're not just a suit and tie town anymore!

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